Revenue Recognition

What is Revenue Recognition Audit?

Revenue Recognition Audit is a process that reviews the techniques adopted by a firm to record the sales transactions. For a Revenue to get recognized, it should be earned and Realizable Revenue. An Auditor ensures that all the processes of the company comply with the standards.

Why Joyce CPA LLC for Revenue Recognition Audit?

At Joyce, we assure to foster extensively beneficiary and compliant changes to your company’s processes, via Revenue Recognition Audit. Experts at Joyce, work hand in hand with the clients to act as a catalyst for the success they seek for their company.

Revenue Recognition Auditing Services provided by Joyce CPA LLC:

Enforcement of the standards:

Our Auditing committee has detailed knowledge about the standards and are well acknowledged about its impact on the company’s Revenue Recognition. Along with the introduction of the standards, Auditors also assist the clients while adopting those standards.

Resolving the Issues:

Our expertise, allows us to develop complete understanding of the company in order to identify the issues. In many cases management misstates revenues to seek benefits while in some cases it’s merely human error. We seek to understand the reasons that initiate the issues and then suggest the solutions required.

Fostering Substantive Tests and Controls:

Our Substantive Tests enable us to identify errors in the accounts. For this test our auditor analyses the documents and initiates detailed overview of the journal entry. Our Auditing Committee is also focused on adoption and adherence of strong controls that follows.

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