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Executives Favor A Bottom-Up Approach to Risk Management

Are you familiar with how risk management works? Are there some areas that are still a little fuzzy? Risk-taking drives corporations to push ahead and make steep gains. When risks pay off, profitability makes shareholders and stakeholders happy. Here at Joyce CPA, LLC, we are here to ease any confusion that you may have. We specialize in business audit. We are located in Cutler Bay, FL.


The Relationship Between Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Technology has created greater global interconnectivity, which is an asset for most businesses. Consequently, interconnectivity makes the perspective of risk-taking extremely complex. The landscape of risk is changing. It is creating a global conversation about how principle for corporate governance needs to evolve in order to respond more appropriately to the relationship with risk-management.


The corporations of the world are keeping an eye on how large corporations are managing and responding to risk failures in order to avoid the same mistakes. They are learning that companies seem to underestimate the cost of risk failures internally and externally. Also, the corporations are underestimating the cost of time that manager needs to address damage control.


Financial institutions, such as banks, have long set the standard for good corporate governance principles. The world has a lot to learn from the strategies and missteps. The governance principles they establish do not necessarily translate well for all types of businesses. Corporations are trending toward wanting to take a broader approach toward corporate governance principles to suit more diverse scenarios.


Risk Management For The Future

Corporate governance principles could take on many different forms. Most likely, changes will be fluid and evolving for the foreseeable future. Despite many differences, corporate governance principles need to be structured, integrated, and balanced. Corporations will continue to look at the roles of existing reward structures and how they align with financial and non-financial risk. Recent risk failures have taught us that all corporations are vulnerable and that they need to prepare just as stringently for low chances of catastrophic risk as for higher chances of significant risks.


Existing reward structures for corporate executives tend to correspond to how well they manage financial risk as it relates to internal controls and audit functions. The new standard for reward structures may include not only rewarding the success of businesses, but also rewarding managers for having a keen awareness of risk management. This means that corporations may begin reducing financial incentives, such as stock options for managers who regularly engage in excessive risk-taking.


What does this mean for the future? The future of corporate governance may move toward a broader perspective of standards that are more practical and useful for all types of businesses, including banks and other financial institutions. Such issues as outsourcing and supplier-related risks are examples of risks that apply to most companies that haven’t been addressed very much in governance in the past.


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