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Maintaining Quality Control With A Product Audit

A product audit, sometimes referred to as a quality audit, is an important part of maintaining quality control for your product. Regular audits for your product line should be conducted by all companies, small businesses included. This is due to the fact that audits of your product can help improve quality, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. There are several types of business audits, and Joyce CPA, LLC in the Cutler Bay, FL area offers high-quality third-party auditing services. If you are in need of business audit services, call us today for a consultation!


What To Know About Audits


There are several different types of audits, depending on what your business and company are in need of. This means that audits are able to be performed by different parties. Audits for your business can be conducted by a third, second, or first party. Audits that are performed internally by the quality control department that works within the business which produces the product are generally termed first-person audits. Audits that are conducted by those who are personally interested in the final product are called second-party audits. These types of audits are generally conducted by other businesses who have a stake in the final product, or by customers who may conduct product assessments in order to make sure it meets their specific requirements. Third-party audits, which are the ones that Joyce CPA can help you with, are performed by an independent contractor who has no personal interest in the product and inspects it for quality. When preparing for an audit regarding your product, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, as the owner of a small-business, you need to figure out what types of inspection you are in need of. For example, if you have gotten certain complaints regarding a product, the internal quality control department will need to  examine it and take the appropriate action in order to resolve the issue.


Product Audits Help with Quality Control


If the issue with your product turns out to be widespread and runs through several products, you as the owner of the business producing this product may need to hire an outside consultant such as Joyce CPA, LLC in order to perform an outside audit and figure out your next step in taking corrective action. An external auditor needs to be familiar with both the production process and the product and be objective and unbiased. The point of a product audit is to look for any defects in the final product and ensure that it meets the requirements of your business. If the product is not able to meet the requirements, the auditor needs to document their findings, state the facts, and list any corrective actions necessary to take care of the issue. In order to improve the quality of the product, it may be that they need to conduct further product testing, product improvement, and possibly further audits prior to creating a product that meets the specifications. The findings of the audit need to be documented and reported to management.


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Product audits can help with the quality control of what your business is offering. If you are searching for business audit services in Cutler Bay, FL, Call Joyce CPA, LLC today.

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