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Quality Assurance Auditing Standards

No matter what type of company you are running, it is important to maintain quality control. So how can you make sure that your company is not only meeting but surpassing expectations in terms of quality and service? An internal audit is the only route to go. It will ensure unbiased suggestions for improvement, as well as assurances for where your company is doing relatively well. Joyce CPA, LLC in Cutler Bay, Florida can speak with you about your needs for auditing. For now, let us walk you through the standards and expectations that an auditor might be looking for when analyzing your company.

1. Independence and Integrity

This is in regard to recognizing fairness and maintaining integrity within your company workplace. Employee fairness, customer satisfaction, along with management controls all fall under this umbrella. It defers the “us versus them” mentality that might be present in the workplace. This can be in regard to employees and their employers or employees and customers.

2. Enforcing Quality Control Per Management

Analysts will look at how management tackles their responsibilities and the quality of which it is done. They will inspect how management relays vital company information to their employees and how management delegates certain responsibilities. Management should maintain a consistent workflow through fairness and opportunity as an internal audit will reflect any and all poor choices that have proven problematic for the company. They will also observe employee consistency per management rules. They can also be expected to observe wasteful management tactics such as over or under scheduling which play a role in the overall consistency of quality within the company.

3. Strong Customer Focus

The key factor in determining g quality control is to analyze the reaction of customers. Formal complaints, as well as highlights made in favor to the company, will be taken into consideration to determine the company’s consistent quality of products and or services. The audit will reflect what can be done to improve customer satisfaction. It is the sole duty of the company to implement these suggestions and to take any other notes within the audit into consideration.

4. Engagement Performance

Analysts will monitor the engagement of management and employees in reference to their actions. For management, this speaks to the level of engagement they reach with their employees to delegate this overall quality consistency and the effect to which it is done. For employees, this reflects their performance within their roles towards their customers. The auditor will note what can be done to give further customer service and satisfaction at which point, management can implement those rules for their employees to follow.

5. Monitoring

This will be conducted in regard to any products or services within the company. As with any other stipulation for this process, the goods and services should maintain a consistency in their quality to ensure customer satisfaction through the length of the company’s existence. Any discrepancies will be dutifully noted so that the company can take action to remedy any faults.

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