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Health Care Quality Assurance Best Practices

From vehicle maintenance to computer programming, quality assurance is an essential part of any service profession. The healthcare industry is no different. The professionals at Joyce CPA, LLC are here to ensure that you are up to date with the latest information and knowledge. We want the health care business of Cutler Bay to benefit in the most ways. We take pride in our healthcare auditor.


Steps To Help Develop an Effective Healthcare Program

  • Step 1: Create a Steering Committee
    • These evaluate current policies and procedures. They also review applicable regulations, recommend changes, make suggestions about reporting procedures, and set goals. This committee should establish processes that improve patient outcomes, boost HCAHPS scores, and reduce errors.  
    • Information provided by this committee aids hospital leadership to set realistic priorities and processes.
    • Quality affects every area. Because of this, it is important to include members of many different departments, including those who are not involved in direct patient care.


  • Step 2: Spread the Word
    • The program will only be useful if you achieve buy-in from the entire hospital community. This includes everyone in the hospital.
    • Spread the word. Utilize every possible option, this includes departmental meetings, emails, flyers, information on the intranet, ext. Everyone must understand this the reasons are crucial.


  • Step 3: Evaluate Results
    • If the hospital does not stay up to date with the information made in reports, the program will be ineffective. In order to ensure that the program produces results and that targets are met, reviewing information and input provided by patients, family, and staff, as well as performance indicators, must be up to par.
    • Many programs require daily and weekly monitoring, versus monthly monitoring. All frequent updates must be recorded. This includes both positive and negative. It will help your employees understand their importance in the process and increase their commitment to the overall program.


  • Step 4: Integrate Corrective Strategies
    • The most important befit of a strong healthcare assurance program is the chance to be able to identify quickly the problems that can affect patient care and safety, and make immediate changes. There are some cases that may include additional staff training. For others, this requires an update in policies and equipment that may negatively affect the staff’s ability to provide the best care.
    • Finding out the main contributing factor to the cause of errors and developing protocols to prevent or reducing them, is the most critical aspects of the program.


Quality Assurance Programs Are The Key

Not only are these specially designed programs the key to proving the best possible hospital outcomes, but it also offers an effective way to increase staff engagement. When a hospital invites team member at every level a department to provide their input and help improve the overall hospital, the end result is worth it. This will, overall, aid in preventing unpleasant surprises that can affect your community standing and reimbursement. Try our healthcare auditor today!


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