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Why Companies Need a 401K Plan?

A 401K plan may seem like a lot for a business owner, but Joyce CPA, LLC in Miami knows that it is essential. Companies may shy away from 401K plans because they are afraid it will cost them. However, companies need to understand that these plans are purely beneficial for both the employer and the employees. As a 401K auditor, we can ensure that everything is in order for you and your business and that your employees get what they deserve. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at Joyce CPA, LLC today.

Why You Need a 401K Plan for Your Employees?

Employee happiness is the key to a business’s success. Employers who want to see their employees happy and able to provide better quality service to their customers should consider getting a 401K for their employees. This is because happier employees can actually provide quantifiable advantages to the employers with higher profits of 22.2%. Additionally, employees frequently cite retirement as one of the benefits that they look for in an employer, so it helps to reduce the turnover of employees and ensure that they will be more satisfied.

Employers should also not rely solely on business profits. Businesses can struggle within the first eighteen months and it is important to consider this when you are deciding on whether to get a retirement plan for your employees. Retirement plans help save them money in these dire times when the company is suffering and, in the end, everyone wins.

Technology is also making getting a retirement plan easier than ever. Companies can outsource their 401K plan options to financial services companies that can handle all of those things for them and give them the peace of mind they need to run their business. This way, the employer will not have to place all that strain on one of their own employees and they can pay a low fee for having someone else do it for them.

There are also tax benefits to getting retirement plans for your employees. The money that you and your employees save toward retirement is sheltered from taxes until they retire. You, as a business owner, also get a tax deduction for contributing to your employee’s retirement accounts as well as a tax credit for the first three years that you are in business.

Do You Need a 401K Auditor?

If you are looking for a 401K auditor for your company, we can be your resource. We know what it takes to make sure that you have everything in order for your employees to benefit. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today.

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