Quality Internal Audit

Why A Quality Internal Audit Will Always Pay Off

When it comes to auditing, the difference between quality and mediocre really take effect. The success of your business or organization relies on a thorough audit. That is where we come in. Joyce CPA, LLC are leaders in internal audit and our President is a certified internal Auditor. We will ensure you have access to a certified internal auditor you can trust, Cutler Bay.

You Need a Certified Internal Auditor

What would be the impact to your business if your information security auditor did not conduct a thorough audit? How would it impact your business if you partnered with an auditing firm whose quality of services and integrity was questioned by industry regulators? Too often, organizations must deal with the aftermath of receiving an audit that was not thorough enough. These businesses have to deal with breaches, fines and penalties, and in extreme cases, losing their business altogether. At Joyce CPA, we want to make sure that your organization never faces these consequences, and we do this by delivering quality audits. But what does that mean? We are here to discuss what a quality audit looks like and why it will always pay off.

A Quality Internal Audit

To us, a quality audit has the following qualities:

  • The audit firm is qualified. This means that members of leadership have extensive experience in information security and the firm itself as the appropriate qualifications.


  • The audit will be conducted by senior-level information security specialists who hold industry certifications  and are regarded as experts. If a junior-level auditor or an auditor with no relevant information security certifications has been assigned to perform your audit, consider how that lack of experience could impact your organization.


  • The organization has appropriate communication. If you have little to no communication with your audit team during the audit, this should be a red flag. If you are suspicious that any step in your process is being outsourced, this should be a red flag. How can an auditor conduct a thorough audit if they aren’t speaking with you about your systems? How can they understand your business without analyzing it firsthand?


  • There must visit you on-site. If an audit firm offers to conduct an entire audit remotely, they are going to miss physical security vulnerabilities that could greatly impact your security posture. When our auditors go on site, they’ve gained access to “secure” locations, plugged into network jacks “hidden” in public spaces, found “protected” cardholder data printed out and stacked into piles in offices, and even found physical holes in walls of data centers due to construction. What would your auditor miss if they didn’t come onsite?


  • The audit firm would have a quality assurance program in place to ensure that auditors’ work is consistent and thorough. If there is no quality assurance program, how can you be sure that the auditor performed their due diligence?

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When it comes to understanding internal audit, it avoids a major headache for the future. Here at Joyce CPA. LLC, we are your resource to keep you following all the rules and keep your business running! We are conveniently located in Cutler Bay, FL. Call or contact us today for more information. We are a certified internal auditor company.

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