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An organization’s biggest concern today is to manage the risks, which if not done accurately leads to a consequent failure. To combat the dire consequences, a company is bound to acquire a focused approach towards internal audit.

What is Internal Audit?

Internal Audit is a potent organization that initiates a company to reach out for their objective. By assessing and analyzing a firm’s internal operations it evaluates how compliant the operations are. Internal Audit encapsulates several departments which can be either-system that manage risks, compliance management process or other such areas.

What do Internal Auditors do?

To adhere to a firm’s productivity and progress internal auditors work in collaboration with the management to analyze the operations orderly. They seek inconsistency if any, as to how a specific process is accustomed to proceed and how that process is actually operating. The variations that prevail are mentioned in the final report. Auditors also indicate the specific functions that require better efficiency and require innovations per se. Besides the Core Departments, Auditors also analyze definite and indefinite areas of an organization. They tend to serve all the sectors- public and private and can even work as an employee for an organization. Along with the auditing, Internal Auditor plays a role of consultant wherever needed, thus being a catalyst for amending the flaws and avoiding the risks in the practices of an organization.

What is the difference between Internal and External Audits?

Though both the audits share similar characteristics, yet the objective they strive is distinct. On one hand External Audit delivers financial reports and mentions the risks involved there, on the other hand Internal Audit’s reach is quite wide. It examines every area that can affect the progress and success of an organization. Both the Audits also differ based on whom they report.

Why does Internal Audit matter?

Continuous growth of any firm seeks frequent Audit, as it unveils any inappropriate activity or fraud that is prevailing in a specific field. How frequently a firm audits, depends on the areas or department involved. While some of them require daily audit, for some annual audit is sufficient. This audit thus enables a firm to evaluate the risk and then manage it, for which a final report is submitted to acknowledge whether the processes are functioning suitably. Foremost, these reports are presented to the senior executives who provide an independent review on the same. Regarding this, Auditors also provide consultation for improvising in particular areas.

What are the strategies involved in Internal Auditing?

While auditing, documents bearing company’s missions and objectives are closely examined to get knowledge of their credibility. Creating the report involves employee’s interviews and document’s evaluation. How long an auditing process takes varies, based on the outlook and strength of the department involved and the organization.

Internal Assessment Process:

During this process, Auditor adopts various practices to inquire an organization’s working methods which involves a chart of the responsibilities accustomed, control and management methods pursued, along with an overview of the earlier audit. Internal Assessment also grants an auditor, authority to interview the employees and check the processes themselves to provide an accurate report. The Auditor thus ensures that an organization is adhering to the rules and regulations of internal control.

Business Transactions Evaluation:

Internal Auditors execute their audit in a firm’s financial transactions also to identify and obstruct the risk that might persist. The inventories and financial statements of a firm give Auditors a glance into the fraud that might be prevailing and in which specific department.

Eventually, the Internal Auditor furnishes his analyses report mentioning the findings involved per se.

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