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Measures Needed To Show Compliance With HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is required by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop regulations for their HIPAA compliance of certain health information. It protects the privacy and security of such information and ensures those who are applicable to such observation follow these rules. A healthcare auditor ensures that you company is meeting the regulations set by this act. Those who are at fault of neglecting their responsibilities are subject to fines, and ultimately, closure of their establishment should these needs not be met. Joyce CPA, LLC in Cutler Bay Florida wans to let you know what measures you need to take to show compliance with HIPAA.

Step 1. Ensure Technical Safeguards

This concerns the technology associated with your business’ establishment. Your Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) must have a means of access control with a certified PIN code to ensure all health information is kept secured. Likewise, a mechanism must be implemented to authenticate your ePHI per HIPAA guidelines. This ensures the access control has not been modified or destroyed. Any computer where such information is stored must also meet HIPAA guidelines which instruct that audit controls and activity logs are kept to document who within the company has access to these confidential files.

Step 2. Develop Privacy Policies per HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare organizations should take care to develop privacy policies that follow HIPAA stipulations. This will ensure privacy and security policies are being met. It is also vital that such business document these policies and report when a breach occurs.

Step 3. Appoint Security

A privacy and security officer is recommended for healthcare establishments. The hired officer should be well-versed in HIPAA laws and enforce them when necessary. You may need just one or multiple officers who are able to execute and train on these policies.

Step 4. Conduct Risk Assessments

Conducting this risk assessments will help your establishment recognize vulnerabilities. Routine assessments will also help ensure privacy and security compliances have not been breached. If any problems arise during these analysis, your company can then take action to remedy these risks to further maintain your stability with HIPAA compliance.

Step 5. Implementing Proper Training

Ensuring your establishment has strict and proper training calls is vital to maintaining and showing compliance with HIPAA. Not only should you train employees, but any vendors who are frequently associated with your establishment must also meet the standard requirements. Having a scheduled refresher course to instill these measures in your employees is highly recommended.

Step 6. Hire an Internal Auditor

Making sure you meet all the standards set by HIPAA can be a complicated measure to conduct. Hiring an internal healthcare auditor will give you an outside source to analyze your business to make sure compliance is being met. Their assessment will be performed without bias as to ensure procedures have not been overlooked, thus providing you will have guaranteed knowledge of you establishment’s overall compliance.

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